Gayton Primary School Curriculum intent statement

The following links take you to curriculum information for each year group:

       Curriculum maps for year groups:

F2: F2 curriculum map

Year One families: 2018-19 curriculum map

Year Two families: Curriculum map

Year Three families: Year Three curriculum information

Year Four families: Curriculum map

Year Five families: Curriculum map

Year Six families: Curriculum maps

Foundation 2: F2 parents' presentation

Foundation 2: ELG statements

Foundation 2: timetable

Year One families: Year One parents' information

Year One families: Useful websites

Year One families: Reading

Year One families: End of year expectations

Year Two families: Year Two presentation

Year Two families: Additional information

Year Two information: Timetable

Year Three families: Year Three parents' information

Year Four families: Year Four parents' information

Year Four families: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Year Four families: Year Four planner information

Year Five families: Year Five parents' information

Year Five families: Year Five curriculum map

Year Six families: Year Six parents' information

Year Six families: Curriculum information

Year Six families: SATs information

Curriculum age related expectations - Writing

Curriculum age related expectations - Reading

Curriculum age related expectations - Maths

Curriculum age related expectations - Science


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