11+ Applications open

1st May 2020
Parents who wish for their child to be assessed for non-Catholic grammar school education must register between 1st May and 31st May 2020. 
Please note that Upton High School, St Anselm's College and Birkenhead High School Academy have ther own assessment arrangements and parents are advised to contact these schools directly. 
Outlined below are the key dates that parents need to be aware of: 
On-line registration opens 1st May- 31st May 2020. 
Schools to submit requests for additional arrangements by 15th June 2020. 
Selective assessment date: 21st September 2020. 
Assessment outcomes sent to parents by 21st October 2020. 
Preference form deadline: 31st October 2020. 
Secondary allocation date@ 1st March 2021.