11+ Information for parents

11+ Grammar School Information 
If you wish for your child to go to a selective grammar school after their primary school years, they will need to achieve the pass score in what is commonly known as the '11+'.   This is a selection test that grammar schools use to help allocate places.
The local authority have determined that, for testing in September 2024, the test provider for entry to the following schools will be GL assessment:
Caldy Grange Grammar School;
West Kirby Grammar School for Girls;
Wirral Grammar School for Boys 
Wirral Grammar School for Girls 
GL selective tests will assess the pupil’s understanding and application of knowledge and skills taught in and up to the end of Year 5, in various contexts. The tests will continue to look at verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and mathematics. The tests will continue to be standardised for the child’s age and gender. There will be two papers taken on the same day, in September of Year 6. The test date in 2023 will be Monday 18th September 2023. 
Registration for testing  for admission to grammar schools in 2024 will be available from the 1st May 2023 when parents will be able to complete and submit an online assessment request form on the Wirral LA website. 
The 11+ test is administered at Wirral Grammar schools or other premises decided upon by Wirral Council. Parents will be notified of this in due course. 
There are other selective schools in Wirral that administer their own admission examinations and processes. They are: 
Upton Hall Grammar school for girls 
St Anselm's Grammar school for boys 
Birkenhead High School Academy. 
Parents should contact these schools individually to discuss entrance requirements.