COVID-19 Information

Opening school to more pupils from the 1st of June 2020. 
From the 1st of June we will be opening to more pupils as part of the phased re-opening of schools. 
At Gayton we already have a high number of critical worker families who have been accessing our childcare facility since lockdown in March. We fully appreciate that many of our parents, who are critical workers, have not been utilising our services as they have tried to alter their shift patterns or have made alternative arrangements.
However, as restrictions are lifted and more people return to work we recognise that more families will have no choice but to send their child to school. Therefore, in line with Government guidance, the Governors of Gayton Primary School agreed that the first phase of reopening will be to open to more critical worker families. All places are offered on a full time basis which is also in line with the Government guidance. 
Information below has been distributed to our critical worker families in order to share information about opening school to more pupils. 
Parents will be aware that from Friday 20th March 2020, the government took the decision to close all schools nationally. 
Schools are now only open to the families of critical workers to provide emergency childcare. It is vital that, where possible, families are keeping their children at home as your child is safer at home. Passing your child from place to place endangers wider family networks, our staff and their families. Therefore, if you can keep your child at home, you must! 
Below you can download the letters that have been sent to families where parents qualify as a critical worker. Please note to ensure that we are operating as safely as we can, at the current time, we are only offering emergency childcare to the families where there are two critical workers. School also requires evidence of critical worker status and it is vital that parents can demonstrate thier their role is critical for the COVID-19 response.