Covid-19 Updates

18th June 2021
Good evening, 
I am sure that you are aware that cases of the Delta variant are increasing on the Wirral currently. There have been a number of bubble closures in local schools. We continue to do everything we can within school to minimise the risk and desperately want to be able to remain open to all our pupils. However, it is evident that the Delta variant is more transmissable. 
If you or family members have received two doses of a Covid vaccine then your chances of getting so sick you would need to be hospitalised from contracting the Delta variant are much lower, but it does not stop you contracting and transmitting the variant to others. If you have had 1 dose of the vaccine then you have around 30% protection (it varies slightly between vaccine types). It it therefore vital that everyone plays their part in keeping everyone safe. 
Please can I remind parents of the following: 
*All adults must continue to wear face masks when dropping off and collecting your child from school. 
*If a parent of carer is experiencing one of the 3 main COVID symptoms and is waiting for the results of a PCR test, they should NOT send their children into school while they are awaiting the results. If a parent/carer is waiting for a PCR result, both they and their children could potentially be infectious and therefore the child/ren should NOT be attending school while the parent is waiting for their test result. If the parent/carer receives a positive result, they and their family members have to self-isolate for the full 10 days. 
*Parent/carers should NOT use home LFDs (Lateral flow devices) to test whether symptomatic primary aged children have COVID or not. While convenient to use these at home, the difficulty in carrying out a nasal and throat swab with a younger child means that the test results are often not valid. Also, everyone who has at least one of the 3 main symptoms should have a PCR test. 
 *Please do not send your child to school if they have one of the 3 main COVID symptoms, please keep them off school and take them for a PCR test. They can return to school when they have received a negative PCR test. 
Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe. 
Have a lovely weekend. 
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny