Covid-19 Wider Symptoms

12th February 2021
Dear Parents/ Carers, 
Please find below an important letter regarding Wirral Public Health urging any children or adults to get a test if they are showing wider symptoms of the virus. The letter attached shows the wider list of symptoms. This is due to the new variants of covid-19 that are currently in circulation. 
Please can I stress the importance of ensuring that if your child is displaying the 3 main symptoms or any of the wider symptoms then you must book an appointment at a symptomatic testing centre for a PCR test. LFD tests can only be used when an individual has no symptoms. 
When you are booking the test at a symptomatic centre, if your child does not have one of the 3 main symptoms, you need to choose the option of: 'you've been asked to book a test by your local council/health protection team'.
We have been asked to circulate this to all parents (whether your child is in school  or not) as parents need to be aware of the wider list of symptoms associated with covid-19 and the new variants. 
I understand this adds, yet again, another layer of complexity with dealing with covid-19; Wirral council have insisted that this information is shared with all our parents in order to ensure that everyone is doing everything they can to protect our community. 
Stay safe and thank you for your continued support. 
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny