F2 Remote learning survey

22nd January 2021
Dear Parents/Carers, 
Please find below a link to a remote learning survey. We would really like you to complete this so we can find out what is working well about our remote learning with F2 pupils and what ideas you have for how we could improve things. 
F2 is incredibly difficult as children learn through play and we strongly believe that children of this age should not be glued to a laptop or an ipad etc all the time. 
However, we also appreciate that parents need support in understanding how we teach particular aspects e.g. phonics etc. Children at this age need short bursts of structured learning and then time to explore, rehearse and practise. 
Mrs Such has been trialling some live phonics lessons this week but we really need your feedback on whether the live element is working for you or whether you would prefer Mrs Such to pre-record videos and then share them with you so you could access them whenever you want to. 
We know how unbelievably hard this period is for parents and appreciate that you are juggling so much, whilst also having very young children at home, who naturally need lots of attention so we know this is not easy. 
If you can fill in the survey, we can then try and tailor our F2 offer accordingly. 
Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny