Holiday Homework

24th July 2019

Summer 2019


The summer holiday is fast approaching and many of you are making plans on how to fill your six weeks ahead. Have no fear, we do not wish to fill this time with homework, but we do feel it is important to keep on top of some foundation skills so returning in September is less of a shock.

Here are some suggestions:


Reading to and with your child regularly:

Reading can be a family activity. Spending time with word games, stories, and books will help your child build a rich vocabulary no matter their age.


Talk About Books:

Talking about the books is just as important as reading them. Discussing a story or a book with your child helps your child understand it and connect it to his or her own experience of life. It also helps enrich your child's vocabulary with new words and phrases. Look at the cover and the title of a book with your child, and ask your child what he or she thinks might happen in the story or what the book may be about.


Maths & number practice:

For our younger children, this may include recognising numbers in the real world, such as out at the shops. For other children, this can include regular use of Time Tables Rockstars to keep up to speed with their multiplication knowledge.


Other maths links:

Maths games & ctivities for all ages

The Maths Factor for Key Stage 1 & 2

Popular games for Year 3 - Year 6


But holidays are more than just homework. Take a look at some of the other homework suggestions below. We hope you can find time to complete some of these 30 activities.