Parents' Evening Appointments

8th February 2022
Dear parents/carers, 
As previously advertised, parents' evening will take place on:
Wednesday 16th February between 3:45pm- 7:00pm 
Thursday 17th February between 3:45pm- 7:00pm. 
We have taken the decision that appointments will take place virtually via video call and we are going to use a trial of a new booking system called 'school cloud' to faciliate the booking system for us. Due to the high transmission of covid-19 at the moment, I want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to reduce transmission of the virus and therefore we are not offering face to face appointments. 
Appointments will last for 8 minutes via video link  and there will be a timer which will appear to notify the teacher and the parent that the appointment is about to end. 
You will be able to book appointments from 8:15am on the morning of Thursday 10th February 2022. 
In order to book appointments, you need to go to the following website: 
Please do not try and book your appointment before this date as the system will not allow you to do so. 
We have then atttached a guide to this email to show you how to book your appointment. 
As this is a new school system, there may be a few initial problems with booking appointments, but if you are experiencing any difficulties please contact the school office and they will be able to assist you. 
We will aim to provide an opportunity towards the end of the spring term or at the beginning of the summer term when parents can come into school and see their child's books as well. Hopefully, this will be more easily faciliated once covid restrictions have been removed. 
Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny