Robinwood Reminders (Y6)

10th March 2023
Dear parents/carers, 
Reminders: Robinwood Residential. 
Please remember the following for the Robinwood trip: 
School uniform is not needed. 
Children do not need a packed lunch and should not be bringing any food/drinks with them. Sweets are not permitted. 
Please ensure your child has gloves, scarf, hat etc as a lot of the activities take place outside and obviously the weather has been very cold recently. 
Electronic devices/mobile phones/camera/ watches are not permitted on the trip so please ensure that your child does not pack anything of this nature. 
If your child's medical needs have changed, please contact the school so that we can amend our records accordingly. 
If your child does require medication, please ensure that this is passed to Mrs McAleny on the morning of the trip. You must also complete the medication form to ensure that the directions for administration are clear. We have attached a medication form to this email  or you can pick up a paper copy from the office. 
The coach will be departing at approximately 9:20-9:30am. Parents are welcome to stay/come back to wave off the coach but  we understand that not all parents will be able to do this. 
A reminder of the clothing list is attached. Please label your child's clothing as much as possible and please ensure that your child recognises their clothing and knows what they/you have packed for them. If something can't be tumble- dried, please let your child know so they know not to put it in the washing basket. 
A water bottle is needed. 
We will be leaving the centre at 1:30pm on Friday 17th March 2023. We will update parents with an approximate time of arrival back at school. Parents can come and meet the coach or alternatively we can keep the children until the end of the school day. 
Thank you for your continued support, 
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny