School Council

Gayton Primary School has a very active School Council. There are two representatives for each class and every year different pupils are elected by their class to stand on the school council. 
All of the children, who wish to stand for election, are given the time to prepare a speech for the election process in regards to why they wish to stand on the school council and why they think they would make a good school council representative. 
The School Council meet to discuss ideas which have been raised by children and staff about the school. 
Since September 2019 the School Council have discussed and implemented the following things: 
1) The School Council discussed whether children should be able to bring sweets into school for their birthday. We discussed the benefits and negatives of this and what might be a replacement for this idea. The children voted on this across the school and decided that instead of children bringing into school sweets or cakes for their birthday they would like to have a birthday charity to make a small donation to. Therefore the children voted on a variety of different charities and decided that the birthday charity for 2019-2020 will be the RSPCA. 
We are currently raising money for the RSPCA through the birthday donations. 
2) Looking at how the assault course can be timetabled fairly across the school and rules for ensuring the safety of everyone utilising the assault course. 
3) Raising money through holding a cake sale for pupils in school time as this had been requested by some of the children in school. 
4) Working on a presentation policy for pupils so that everyone understands the importance of presenting their school work and the expectations associated with this.