South Deeside School Federation

Working together as the South Deeside Soft Federation, ensuring excellence of provision for all balanced with individuality and identity.
The Governors and staff of Gayton Primary School are proud that our school is now part of a Soft Federation of 6 local schools:

Pensby Primary School;
Barnston Primary School;
Gayton Primary School;
Heswall Primary School;
Irby Primary School;
Thingwall Primary School.
We work as a collaborative group to support and challenge each other, in order to ensure that our schools deliver the best possible education for our children. This is something we have done over the past 4 years and it has developed into a strategic and effective model. The headteachers meet regularly and each term the headteachers and Chairs of Governors meet. Staff often meet together to undertake a series of activities and share their expertise. These include:
  • SENCo meetings and work;
  • Subject leaders collaboration;
  • Admin leaders collaboration;
  • Year group teachers meeting to moderate writing, maths and EGPS
  • EYFS baseline and end of year moderation;
  • Year 6 and year 2 moderation;
  • SATs moderation;
Our schools share a wide range of specialist knowledge and skills through our talented staff. These include:

  • Staff who have worked for the Local Authority in the roles of writing moderators and assessment leaders;
  • Staff who have extensive experience of mentoring and supporting ITT programmes;
  • Staff who are part of the national strategic group for writing moderation;
  • Staff expertise in organising and delivering to all schools – maths events, spelling events, sports competitions, music festivals, PREVENT training etc.
Below you can find out about the events that have taken place in the academic year 2018/2019 as well as our aims for this academic year.