At Gayton we have invested in the Power Maths scheme. This scheme is recognised by the DfE and is structured around a whole class teaching model that focuses on helping all children to build a deep understanding of maths concepts and confidence in maths. Pupils learn to think mathematically to find patterns, connections and relationships between different concepts

It has been designed to support and challenge all pupils, and is built on the belief that everyone can learn maths successfully, by building number fluency, confidence and understanding.

The Power Maths lesson structure ensures a small-steps approach, which means the concepts are broken down so the children can acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding. The use of a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach, also allows children to tackle concepts in a tangible and accessible way.

As all pupils work together on the same lesson content at the same time, this ensures that they can master concepts before moving on to the next part of the curriculum sequence, allowing no pupil to be left behind.

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