Well Being - Rest Easy

Whole School Mental Health and Well- Being approach- 'Rest Easy'

At Gayton Primary School, we are committed to prioritising the mental health and well-being of all our pupils. As a result of this, we have adoped the 'Rest Easy' approach across the school in order to provide a whole school mental health approach to support pupils with dealing with their emotions. All staff have received training based on the Rest Easy approach and we are working hard to embed this approach consistently across the school.

What is the REST EASY method?

  • The Rest Easy method has been created as a way of preventing mental illness and promoting mental health.

  • The definition of Rest Easy is that 'there's nothing to worry about as everything is taken care of'

  • It is a self-help method that builds resilience, emotional intelligence, empathy and self-awareness.

  • It is a proven, evidence-based methodology.

  • It is a coherent, universal approach that uses existing DBT, mindfulness, positive psychology and life coaching techniques.

  • It focuses on recognising emotions as they come on and having the tools to manage them until they pass.

  • It encourages children to have their own awareness of their personality and create their own coping strategies that are unique to them.

  • Each classroom will have its own safe space with REST Easy resources to support children in practising the techniques as part of the approach.

Why is Rest Easy needed?

  • To create a culture of empathy, belonging and emotional safety

  • To offer an attachment friendly approach

  • To provide tools and coping strategies for managing difficult emotions.

  • To increase concentration, motivation for learning and positive behaviour.

  • To encourage positive attendance.

  • To provide a simple framework for difficult conversations.

  • To develop emotional intelligence, confidence and awareness.

  • To alleviate pressure and waiting times for CAMHS.

  • To reduce the impact of toxic stress and prevent mental illness.

All our families can access the REST EASY app to help you and your family feel mentally well everyday.

There's a mix of FREE content so you can watch, listen or read the material depending on your needs & learning style.

You can dip in & out as often as you like, with new content being added regularly.

Maybe you just want to relax & listen to the podcasts, meditations or self-help videos.

Perhaps you want to immerse yourself in self-awareness & goal setting.

Maybe you want to use the content to support your children.

Whatever your need, we hope you enjoy using the features that have been created with you in mind.


Download for FREE here ⬇️ 

Android download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.peqpn0zve3ss.pcj0m9bcgapp 

iphone download https://apps.apple.com/pk/app/rest-easy-method/id6448780650

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