Covid-19 updates

12th March 2021
Good morning, 
Reminder of national lockdown restrictions:
Please can I remind all parents that we continue to be in a national lockdown. The reopening of schools is the national priority at the moment and it is vital that all parents continue to follow the national lockdown restrictions. It is predicted that the reopening of schools will increase community transmission and therefore it is vital that everyone plays their part in doing everything they can to support the national effort in keeping schools open. 
Staff are reporting that children are talking about visiting other children's houses for play dates or for having birthday parties etc. These cannot take place at the moment and are against national lockdown restrictions.
At the moment outdoor recreation or exercise with your household or 1 other person is allowed. Children are not permitted to visit the homes of other families or travel in a car with another family. 
It is vital that everyone works together to continue to drive down community transmission and ensure that staff and pupils remain safe at school and that we are not increasing the risk within our community. 
Access to Lateral Flow Device Testing for parents: 
Parents of children in primary schools are now eligible for covid home testing kits (LFD tests.) Please note that these test kits are for the use of parents (not primary aged children) and only for use when you are not displaying symptoms of coronavirus. If you are displaying symptoms, you must go to a symptom testing site and access a PCR test. 
For those who are able to collect their kits in person, they can go to any of Wirral's symptomatic test sites in the afternoon (no appointment needed). Details of where these sites are located can be found at:
This provision is currently under review and over the next few weeks, people should be able to pick up test kits at other venues. 
For those that cannot collect thier kits in person, they can order online and receive a home delivery using the following link: 
I have attached an NHS leaflet which provides further information about the lateral flow testing for parents. 
Thank you for your support, 
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny