Sports Day Reminders

19th June 2023
Dear parents/carers, 
Arrangements for Sports Day: 
We are very much looking forward to welcoming parents to our sports day which will take place on Wednesday 21st June 2023. 
If we decide to cancel the event (due to inclement weather) we will notify parents by 8:00am in the morning. 
All children should wear their PE kit with a T-shirt linked to their house colour. If they don't have this colour, they should just wear their PE kit. 
All children need a water bottle. 
Please apply sun lotion before your child comes to school. 
Please send them into school with a hat. 
Your child can bring in a healthy snack. 
On the day: 
Parents will access sports day via the gate through the car park straight onto the field. This gate will be opened at approximately 9:00am once the infant and junior gate has been closed and all the children are in school. 
Pre-school will be joining us for our sports day and will take part in some of the races. 
We will have some benches available for parents to sit on during the event. Parents are welcome to bring their own chairs to the event, if they want to.
There will be respect lines up and we ask that parents do not cross the respect line to come and speak to their child/ren. 
If parents need to access a toilet, you will need to go out of the gate, through the carpark and to the main entrance and ask the office staff. 
Mr McColgan will be on the gate during the event so that parents can leave if they need to. 
The event is due to start at approximately 9:10am and will last until approximately 11:30am. Our F2 children may leave the event at around 11:00am as they will have run all their races by this time and sometimes they find it too long to remain for the whole time. 
Parents can take photographs, but please remember that we do have children who cannot appear on social media, so please do not post any pictures to any social media sites. 
Finally, I would just like to remind parents that some children love sports day and look forward to it all year, but we also have a lot of children (for different reasons) who may find sports day a little overwhelming or challenging. We would just ask that parents support us in fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere, where every child feels respected, appreciated and cheered on, regardless of their performance. 
Thank you for your continued support,
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny