Flooding affecting the school

9th September 2021
Dear Parents/Carers, 
I am writing to inform you that unfortunately we have been affected by the heavy rainfall and our Y5 classroom and the Y3 classroom have been flooded along with the school hall. We have managed to clear up what we can for now and the school hall will be completely operational for tomorrow. 
However the classrooms are not suitable for use tomorrow, therefore Y3 will be taught in the computer suite and Y5 will be taught in the school hall.
Please reassure the children in Y5 and Y3 that none of their belongings or work has been affected as the flood came through the floor not through the roof so thankfully their work/belongings are not affected. 
Arrangements for lunchtime will remain the same and we look forward to our F2 pupils staying for lunch for the very first time. 
We remain hopeful that there will be no further flash flooding over night and we look forward to seeing all our children in school tomorrow. 
Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 
Kind regards, 
Mrs McAleny